1D Family Violence


Jill Faulkner,
drummond street services/Queerspace
Wednesday November 21 2018

Time: 1:30pm – 2:00pm

Room: Bluewater 2

1D Family Violence

Queer-specific Intimate Partner Violence and Family Violence Service Provision: A New Experience


We want to ask two questions in this paper: how not to leave queer people behind in service provision; and what the effects are of having queer-specific service providers for people experiencing family violence/intimate partner violence. First, we will ask the audience to imagine themselves as a queer person attempting to navigate their way through a particular point in the mainstream family violence system. What will people assume about you? What will they ask you? Will you feel safe to answer? How will you answer? What will people assume from your answers?

Through this interactive case study, we will provide the audience with a glimpse of this experience. We will go on to analyse the effects of providing a queer-specific service in family violence/intimate partner violence, through qualitative examination of queerspace’s own counselling, case work, case management and recovery support to individuals, people in relationships and families with children who are going through these experiences. Such services for queer communities are new, and we therefore provide a new window into people’s differing experiences: we are learning more each day of people’s experiences of accessing mainstream services which is so often associated with having to do hard work to be recognised, accepted and provided with an appropriate service; and at the same time, we are gaining insight into the effects for clients and for those of us working within these services, of providing service for queer community by queer community.


Jill Faulkner is Project Co-ordinator for queerspace’s Perpetrator Programs and Practice Lead for our family violence / intimate partner violence work. She has a long involvement in the family violence sector as a practitioner, supervisor, manager and innovator.