1O Partnering and cohabitation


Beth McCann,
drummond street services

Shae Johnson,
drummond street services

Wednesday November 21 2018

Time: 2:40pm – 3:10pm

Room: Bluewater 1

1O Partnering and cohabitation

Evaluating for change



In late 2016 Drummond Street Services launched an in-house evaluation to assess the effectiveness of its family mental health services across all eight sites in Melbourne. The evaluation seeks to assess whether our services are meeting the complex needs of the families who are engaged our services and whether we are in fact leaving no one behind.

Drummond street uses multi-measure questionnaires to assess outcomes across six domains of individual and family well-being including, adult psychological health, child/young person emotional wellbeing, parenting and family functioning, couple/co-parent relationship, financial hardship and community connectedness. Findings from the in-house evaluation have revealed a lot about the presenting needs of clients entering our services across drummond street’s diverse service sites and has allowed us to assess where our programs are having the most impact.

This presentation will provide the audience with key findings from the evaluation as we discuss the impact of our services on the individuals, couples and families who we support. We will demonstrate that as a result of the evaluation, we are able to better identify the degree of distress at the commencement of service and assess change over time. Through this process we are able to identify which families our services are best supporting and we are able to tailor services for those who need greater support. Through this evaluation we are ensuring that we leave no one behind.


Beth McCann is a senior project officer at drummond street services and has played key role in implementing outcome measurement tools across drummond street’s services.

Shae Johnson works in the field of child and family health. She is currently a Senior Researcher at the Centre for Family Research and Evaluation.