2C Partnering and cohabitation


Mandi Smith,
Wednesday November 21 2018

Time: 3:45pm – 4:15pm

Room: Bluewater 1

2C Partnering and cohabitation

I thought I knew all about my relationship..but do I?


It remains a drive for all of us to be partnered with another person. To experience the ups and downs of life with a significant other. To love and be loved is one of life’s most yearned for experiences, but where do we learn how to navigate the complexities of a long-term relationship? Love simply is not enough to hold couples together. How do couples maintain the emotional intimacy they enjoy early in their relationship over time?

PREPARE/ENRICH is an evidence-informed relationship education and counselling tool which has primarily been used as a preventative program for pre-marital couples to learn about areas in their relationship they may not be aware of yet and how to relate effectively. It is also a counselling tool which, when used in the context of couples counselling, can help the counsellor and the couple gain an understanding of the dynamics in the relationship. PREPARE/ENRICH also has a parenting version that explores key areas in the couple relationship in addition to parenting styles and behavioural concerns the parents have regarding their children.

This interactive presentation presents the range of PREPARE/ENRICH relationship inventories and their utility across the life-span and across the relationship continuum, and demonstrates how couples are guided through the process of exploring individual and couple awareness and developing practical skills and relationship strategies.


Mandi Smith is the Director of PREPARE/ENRICH Australia. Mandi has held this role for the past 5 years and is a trainer, counsellor and relationship educator whose primary focus for the last 10 years has been couples. Mandi’s interest in the relationship between couples started early in her own marriage when she noticed many people she knew were not intentional in their relationships. The learning of and application of skills in relating well were just not known nor was importance placed on them. Mandi started in the field of relationship education with her husband Shane, and later on as a relationship counsellor. Mandi’s studies have included Bachelor Social Science (Psychology) and Grad Dip Relationship Counselling.