2I Partnering and cohabitation


Dr Jemima Petch,
Relationships Australia Queensland
Wednesday November 21 2018

Time: 4:20pm – 4:50pm

Room: Bluewater 1

2I Partnering and cohabitation

Stepped care relationship interventions – How organisations can lead the change in improving relationships



Increasingly couples and families want choice in what services they access, where and when and organisations need to change from just offering traditional face to face services to meet these needs. Innovative strategies to effectively engage individuals, couples and families in relationship interventions and help clients achieve higher functioning, respectful and safe relationships are needed. This presentation will outline a stepped care approach to meeting client need for couple and family interventions across a range of face to face, phone, virtual and self-help modalities. Low intensity online interventions easily completed by clients in the comfort of their own home with or without the potential for short supportive coaching calls by a trained counsellor are just some of the innovative interventions described. Such low intensity online, self-help or brief interventions are particularly effective as early intervention and prevention approaches. Even for some very distressed families these brief online interventions can be a window of opportunity to engage with services and can be a first step towards more formal and intensive face to face help-seeking – especially if the experience with the service is positive. Recommendations for future innovative stepped care approaches to improving relationships are presented.

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Dr Jemima Petch is the Head of Practice at Relationships Australia Queensland, adjunct researcher at the University of Queensland and clinical psychologist. Jemima’s interests include promoting healthy relationships through education and therapy, measuring and enhancing treatment effectiveness, and leading organisational change to support the adoption of innovative interventions.