2O Partnering and cohabitation


David Cluff,
Mercy Community
Wednesday November 21 2018

Time: 4:55pm – 5:30pm

Room: Bluewater 1

2O Partnering and cohabitation

Why Should You Be Anything Different



A child’s extensive trauma history and disorganised attachment often continues into the next generation. The role of caregivers directly influences self-worth and resilience factors that affect later relationships, even when there is a determination that ‘my children will never suffer the same as I did’. The effort ‘to be better’ can wane as the demands of parenting, to be a provider and protector reach exhaustion point. The client’s presentation to counselling was mandated after he fell into patterns of behaviour that led to the removal of his children by Child Safety. The therapeutic engagement and processes enabled the ‘inside-out’ building of resilience and self-worth, sufficient to progress the re-integration and stabilisation of his family system. The journey moves through the complexity of the client’s initial agitation and suspicion of helping services to the establishment of trust and safety as a basis for transformative growth and change. Emphasis will be given in the presentation to:

  1. describe the integrative counselling interventions that addressed historical trauma, developed self-awareness and a more compassionate sense of self and others
  2. the stages of ‘relationship formation’ achieved throughout the therapeutic engagement.

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David has been with Mercy Community since 2016 specialising in individual and couples relationships counselling. David feels honoured to companion others in their life’s journey. He practices an integrative approach to counselling and works with a diversity of clients within the Greater Ipswich Area.