2P Parenting


Brooke Wilson,
Wednesday November 21 2018

Time: 4:55pm – 5:30pm

Room: Bluewater 2

2P Parenting

Engaging Dads – Circle of Security workshops for CCS Dads



Dads are often hard to engage for various reasons. This is often the case for Dads using Children’s Contact Services for supervised visits. These Dads generally present with several issues that impact on their parenting and lead to the need for supervised visits but addressing such issues can be difficult and they are reluctant to accept referrals especially to group programs. These Dads often feel isolated and overwhelmed as they navigate the family law system and can find it difficult to attend appointments during the day. Our local magistrate also mentioned a need for parenting course for Dads. We decided to run a Circle of Security group after hours specifically targeting Dads who use our Children’s Contact Service. The pilot group was met with overwhelming success and we have since run another with a similar level of success. Retention rates often drop when groups are run over several weeks but these dads were very committed to the program and even came in for follow up sessions if they missed a week. This 30 minute presentation will showcase the success of the two groups we have run including insight and skill development for dads, transition out of CCS, social connections, increase self awareness and a willingness to engage with other services such as counselling and other group programs.


Brooke has managed ac.care’s family services for over five years and loves to look at creative ways to engage clients and improve client outcomes. Lynne has a child care background, is a family dispute resolution practitioner and a Circle of Security facilitator.