3G The first 1000 days


Danielle Habib,
Thursday November 22 2018

Time: 11:25am – 11:55am

Room: Kuranda Ballroom

3G The first 1000 days

Safe from the Start “listening to the voices of children”


This early intervention, evidence-based training program is an introduction to family and domestic violence (FDV) and the impact on children experiencing FDV. It explores how to ‘listen to the voices of children’ and utilises the resources in the tailor-made kit to enable workers to engage with children in ‘activity-based play’.

Safe from the Start consists of a one-day training program and resource tool kit using a best practice model engaging with children who have witnessed family and domestic violence. Using ‘activity-based play’, the project aims to encourage workers and parents to listen to the voices of children who may feel scared or sad about what they have seen.

The project has won a number of national awards including the top National Crime and Violence Prevention Award in 2011, Child Protection Award, NAPCAN – Play Your Part Award in 2013 and HESTA Award in 2015.

Over 2000 family violence, child protection workers, counsellors, teachers, police, foster carers, family and children’s services workers have attended training in all Australian states, New Zealand and the UK.

The Safe from the Start training program is an introduction to understanding the effects of family and domestic violence on children including:

  • research findings on the incidence and impact on children who have witnessed/experienced family or domestic violence.
  • impact of trauma on the brain development of children, how to use activity-based-play utilising the Resource Tool Kit.

The program has demonstrated a strong impact on the community to date as it has been rolled out targeting childcare workers, school counsellors, school family liaison officers and Aboriginal Liaison officers that previously have had little to no training in identifying trauma in children, resulting from domestic and family violence, with a focus on children in the birth to five-year age bracket. Childcare centres and schools are becoming pivotal in intervening early by connecting specialised support to children and their families before the crises occurs.

The idea of targeting childcare centre staff, school counsellors, school family liaison officers and Aboriginal liaison officers ensures that ‘no child is left behind’ while linking them with relevant specialist services before a crisis and supporting the staff that care for the children to ensure nurturing care in tumultuous circumstances.


Danielle Habib has worked in Violence Prevention Education for the past 13 years. Her work has included direct crises case work, community development and training. She has worked in countries such as South Sudan and Egypt with Refugee communities on violence prevention in a domestic and family violence context Danielle works in collaboration with the Salvation Army to present Safe from the Start to people that come into contact with children in their first 6 years, and up to 10 years old, in identifying signs of trauma.