3M The first 1000 days


Helen Rimington,
drummond street services

Beth McCann,
drummond street services

Thursday November 22 2018

Time: 12:00pm – 12:30pm

Room: Kuranda Ballroom

3M The first 1000 days

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drummond street’s parenting programs reach over 900 people per year with children birth to five. One of the clear themes that has emerged from these programs over the past three years has been the increasing number of parents anxious about their parenting and how it compares to those around them. In an age where social media parenting has become a competitive sport, is this any surprise? Looking at social media feeds only has to show you the latest mini celebrities and their unknown quest to outdo those their own age in reaching their developmental milestones, having the best birthday parties or partaking in the most healthy or educative activities. It is no surprise that in the age of ‘sharenting’ that many parents feel they simply can’t keep up.

This presentation will summarise research findings and outline some of the implications of social media parenting, including the extension of strict gender roles and the impact that online parenting may have on children later in life. We will present drummond street’s ‘guide to beat the social media blues’, developed to help parents have realistic expectations around their own parenting and to better understand some of the risks associated with over-sharing in a digital age.


Beth is a Researcher with Drummond Street Service’s Centre for Family Research and Evaluation. She has a particular interest in the impact of technology and social media generally on our children and young people.

Over 20 years in family education and support, she was a senior trainer for beyondblue, consultant on VicHealth’s Prevention of violence against women short courses and Helen trains other facilitators at drummond street services and has a specialisation in primary prevention programs. Helen’s presentation style- humorous, evidence based and interactive.