3O Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander/CALD


Ros Singleton,
Family Support Newcastle
Thursday November 22 2018

Time: 12:00pm – 12:30pm

Room: Bluewater 1

3O Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander/CALD

Structuring group work practice to include cultural and minority voices



Structuring group work practice to include cultural and minority voices.

This presentation looks at some specific practices that are underpinned by the following principles in a group setting:
Creating a welcoming space where everyone is included.
Upholding respect, dignity and compassion.
Diversity is valued and encouraged.
Creating a critical space where many ways of seeing is possible.
Privileging the expertise of each participant.
Making dominant culture, including stereotypes visible and their effects.
Providing challenge without shaming.
Creating a group space which provides participants with an experience of co-operative learning.
Acknowledging and sharing power.
Resisting the notion of “group roles” and providing a space where participants can experience themselves as contributors.
Processes for facilitator accountability

The examples of practices shared will demonstrate the particular ways I listen, enquire and respond as a group facilitator in order to include cultural and minority voices.

Please note no slides were used for this presentation


Working for Family Support Newcastle for 10yrs developing group programs and facilitating groups, including DV groups for women, parenting groups, creative based groups, practical skills groups, play matters, specialising in working with vulnerable communities. My work is influenced by Narrative practice, Buddhist psychology, Emotional Intelligence, attachment theory, Emotion coaching, trauma-informed practice, body awareness, recovery-orientated practice and non-violent communication. I have a bachelor Arts (Social sciences) and post-grad studies in Buddhism and Psychotherapy, lived experience of recovery from Mental distress, and 10 years of Buddhist meditation and yoga practice.