3R Ageing


Catherine Hayden,
Better Place Australia
Thursday November 22 2018

Time: 12:00pm – 12:30pm

Room: Boardroom 2

3R Ageing

CALD Communities and Elder Abuse



Better Place Australia delivers elder abuse prevention services through the Respecting Elders Program and DHHS Integrated Model of Care for the Treatment and Prevention of Elder Abuse. There has been a growing number of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) clients accessing these services. Over 25% of referrals to Better Place Australia for elder abuse services are from CALD backgrounds with the highest percentages coming from the Greek, Italian and Arabic communities.

Elder abuse is frequently hidden from view and is under reported in our community. Elder abuse in CALD communities is no different. Frequently, seniors from CALD backgrounds can be at a high risk of elder abuse. Seniors from migrant backgrounds are often socially isolated, dependent on their families financially, socially and emotionally, and can be socially isolated due to language and cultural barriers.

Elder abuse is frequently carried out by family, carers and people close to the older person. This brings a feeling of shame and reluctance to talk about a ‘family issue’. In CALD communities, this reluctance is often magnified and the older person doesn’t want others to know for fear of embarrassing the family.

Better Place Australia has developed strong partnerships with a range of CALD families and believes further success in working with CALD communities is improving the capability of CALD workers in the early identification and response to elder abuse.

This presentation will discuss the differences in working with CALD clients and will utilise a case study of a CALD client who experienced elder abuse from within the family. The case study will highlight the nuances of managing an elder abuse case within CALD communities.


Catherine Hayden is a Family Consultant at Better Place Australia. Catherine is based at Monash Health as a part of the DHHS trial Integrated Model of Care for the Treatment of suspected Elder Abuse. Catherine is a Registered Nurse with over 20 year experience working in the Health sector particularly in the Aged and Community areas. Catherine is passionate about advocacy and client centred approaches to car .