5F Workforce Development


Dylan Reynolds,
Growing Potential Limited

Joseph Archibald,
Windaan Aboriginal Services

Friday 23 November 29 2018

Time: 8:25am – 8:55am

Room: Boardroom 2

5F Workforce Development

Cross Sector Collaboration for Outcomes in Indigenous Early Childhood Early Intervention


The roll out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) across Australia is establishing a consumer driven environment for the provision of services for people with a disability. This new business environment is creating an environment that encourages organisations to develop new and innovative approaches to the engagement of service users, and to the provision of service. Windaan represents and embodies this new innovative approach.

In Gambangyir language, Windaan refers to blady grass. Alone it represents individual strands of grass. However, when combined in partnership with other strands, it forms a material that has numerous practical applications to benefit communities.

The focus of all work within Windaan is upon building partnerships with organisations within communities, and developing complementary services to build upon the strengths of organisations already operating within each community. As such it represents a strength-based approach to developing the services available to Aboriginal people and communities.

The Windaan Initiatives – Junuy Gaagal
The Junuy Gaagal Initiative is a collaborative cross-sector approach to the provision of culturally targeted NDIS early childhood intervention services to Indigenous Australians in northern NSW.

It involves a partnership between Windaan and Galambila Aboriginal Medical Service and Growing Potential Limited to provide a culturally targeted client-centered pathway for Indigenous families to engage the NDIS in an early childhood early intervention context.

The Junuy Gaagal Model
The Windaan model was developed through extensive consultation between Galambila Aboriginal Health Service and Growing Potential Limited.

The primary strength of the proposed model is the fact that it effectively integrates the cultural model of care and community connectedness of Galambila, with integrated family support of Growing Potential’s transdisciplinary team of allied health professionals. This ensures that Aboriginal families have access to early intervention services in a familiar place, delivered by primary and allied health professionals that they trust.

The adoption of the Junuy Gaagal model through this partnership has seen sustained engagement with Aboriginal communities in the provision of early childhood early intervention services. Service access rates in Junuy Gaagal areas are consistently higher than national and state averages. With rates of access continuing to grow, Junuy Gaagal represents a truly innovative model to provide early intervention services to an extremely disadvantaged community.


Dylan Reynolds (Growing Potential Limited) Dylan is an experienced executive professional with a diverse work history encompassing senior roles within a range of private and NGO organisations. Since 2006 Dylan has successfully worked in a range of Senior management and executive roles within the human services area. These included 3 years working for NSW largest Aboriginal children’s service. It also encompassed 5 in the peak body organisation for disability organisations leading capacity building business development projects to prepare the sector for the transition of the NDIS.

Joseph Archibald (Windaan Aboriginal Services) Joseph is currently working as the Aboriginal Service Development Manager, with Growing Potential. Within his role, Joseph managers the Windaan Aboriginal Services initiative. Through this role he was worked with key partners to develop a model of service that recognises and reflects the individual and cultural needs of all clients.