5H Key transition points in the schooling years


Amy Graham,
Charles Darwin University
Friday 23 November 23 2018

Time: 9:00am – 9:30am

Room: Rosser Theatre

5H Key transition points in the schooling years

Getting ready to succeed at school: Investigating the role of parents


After more than 40 years of research, the importance of parental engagement in education is well established. While school readiness is a multi-dimensional and complex construct, the effectiveness of parents in supporting a child’s learning can never be overstated. Children’s experiences at home influence their preparation for school, yet there is limited understanding of parental contributions before children start school. Recent research has identified the need for additional evidence on how parents engage with their children in the home. How, and to what degree, can parents influence how prepared their child is for schooling through their behaviours and activities, attitudes, expectations and aspirations? Quantitative survey data was collected from 120 parents and 52 teacher-parent dads to understand the role parents played in preparing their children for school and the relationship to children’s school entry outcomes. Furthermore, qualitative interviews were held with 16 parents to better understand the factors affecting parents capacity to engage. Dimensions of parent preparation behaviours, parental expectation and values and school entry outcomes have been developed and relationships between these are currently being explored.


Amy is a PhD Candidate with Charles Darwin University, and the recipient of an APA Scholarship. Amy has worked in a range of roles relating to education and social welfare of children and families previous to this research project, including policy, politics and research.