5L Workforce Development


Graeme O’Connor,

Patricia Occelli,

Friday 23 November 23 2018

Time: 9:00am – 9:30am

Room: Boardroom 2

5L Workforce Development

Leaving no one behind: Using technology to focus our service delivery for all life stages



Digital Transformation for social service organisations is critical in ensuring that all clients’ needs are served in the future and that outcomes for children, families and communities are improved for all stages of the family lifecourse.

Like many industries, the social service industry is being disrupted. A failure to embrace the disruption and to adapt technology and business processes will lead to organisations being left behind and ultimately fewer options for clients who use our services.

Surveys conducted by Pew Research in January 2018 show, technology use across all age groups is increasing. 92% of millennials, 85% of Gen Xers, 67% of Baby Boomers and 30% of those aged over 73 use technology in their daily lives through mobile devices. These statistics are important when coupled with the ABS Household Use of Information Technology statistics released on 28 March 2018. These show that between 2014 and 2017, there has been a 109% increase in households using technology to access health services as well as increases across the other five reasons for using technology. There is a growing expectation and willingness by people to use technology across all life stages and in all facets of life.

Interrelate has been on an 18 month transformation in response to six key drivers of disruption: funding models; new technology; social changes; changes in lifestyle; new entrants to our market and global trends.

Our clients have been at the core of this journey as we work towards achieving four clear goals: ensuring the all our clients have a ‘good customer experience’; that we improve our existing services and develop new ones to meet client needs; that our ways of working are efficient and conducive to improving client outcomes and that our employees are empowered to respond to what our clients want.

True digital transformation isn’t a one-time task but an ongoing one. Our key partner in this ongoing journey is Microsoft and their Dynamics 365 platform. Dynamics provides an end-to-end approach that helps unify data and relationships, build intelligence into decision making, and accelerate business transformation. Our target state for client interaction is an omni-channel experience that allows clients to interact with us however they wish.

To borrow from Madeline Albright, social service organisations can no longer afford to tackle 21st century challenges with 20th century ideas and 19th century tools.


Patricia Occelli and Graeme O’Connor are experienced human services professionals. Their skills complement each other through a combination of their human services and corporate backgrounds. Patricia is passionate about addressing social justice issues and delivering quality services. Graeme is passionate about improving the client experience in the human services sector.