Communication for impact: telling the story of your program


Rebecca Armstrong,
Australian Institute of Family Studies
Tuesday November 20 2018

Time: 1:30pm – 5:00pm

Room: Boardroom 2


Half Day: $100

Full Day: $150

Pre-Conference Workshop

Communication for impact: telling the story of your program

This half-day workshop (which also complements the previous morning Workshop “Evaluation Planning and program logics) will guide practitioners and communicators through some practical approaches to improving the impact of their evaluations. Evaluations commonly result in the collection of vast amounts of data. It’s not always easy to make sense of the data or to create products that will help to share your learnings with others. This workshop will introduce practitioners to a framework for considering impact. This includes formulating a clear evaluation goal, identifying key audiences through a stakeholder mapping exercise and creating products that meet the needs of these audiences. We will discuss both traditional approaches to impact (e.g. reports) but introduce participants to innovative approaches including infographics, video and case studies.

This workshop is designed for practitioners and managers as well as communications specialists.