What it Really means to be Trauma-Informed


Dr Howard Bath
Tuesday November 20 2018

Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Room: Bluewater 2


Full Day: $150

Pre-Conference Workshop

What it Really means to be Trauma-Informed

This workshop is a full day workshop in two parts. Part 1 will focus on a review of the key research findings and propositions that inform the trauma framework. This will touch on the impact of severe adversity on the developing brain as well as the behavioural, cognitive and social impacts over time. This is followed by consideration of the central implications for service delivery with different target populations. There will be discussion of the merits of the current imperative for all human services to be ‘trauma-informed’ and the continuing role of other theoretical perspectives.

In Part 2 various approaches to defining and embedding trauma-informed practice will be reviewed including whole-of-agency models such as Sanctuary, based on the work of Sandra Bloom, along with more modest approaches involving the integration of trauma-related principles into current practice. Participants will be encouraged to consider the relevance of the trauma perspective for their particular service area and the ways in which it might be effectively integrated into practice. This session will also include a review of implementation principles from the emerging field of implementation science. The workshop will include video materials and small group discussion.