D1.1 Bringing a whole-of-service view to the counselling therapeutic environment


Monique Rappell
Relationships Australia NSW

Sandra Martel-Acworth
Relationships Australia NSW

Wednesday 17 May 2023

Time: 2:15pm – 2:45pm

Room: Room 5

D1.1 Partnering and Cohabitation

Bringing a whole-of-service view to the counselling therapeutic environment


In 2022, Relationships Australia NSW (RANSW) restructured to create its very first Customer Experience group, aiming to better centre the needs of our customers across our services – not only in clinical practice. The first initiative of this new group, One RANSW, focused on our relationship counselling services and sought to bring together research, practice and experience design expertise to improve customers’ experiences and outcomes from their first interaction with us to their last.

Mon Rappell will provide an overview of RANSW’s customer experience approach, including how human centred design has been integrated into our work. Drawing on qualitative interviews with over 60 customers and employees of our relationship counselling services, Mon will share how this approach led to identifying unique components of our counselling services, and opportunities to extend the benefits of the clinical space across the whole service.

Our clinicians are strong on collaboration and enabling choice and agency in their counselling clients, but these are not necessarily qualities that are supported and embodied across the whole service, particularly in administrative and system functions. Sandy Martel-Acworth will explain how these components are conceptualised within clinical practise, and together with Mon, will share how they are building prototypes and testing ways to extend the therapeutic environment across the service, from intake to exit.


Mon Rappell is General Manager, Customer Experience at Relationships Australia NSW.

Sandy Martel-Acworth is Practice Specialist – Counselling at Relationships Australia NSW