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PRONIA is a leading Greek ethno specific community service organization. Its purpose is to empower members of the Australian Greek community to reach their full potential through strong organizational collaborations, purposeful advocacy, targeted education, direct service provision, policy development and research in an innovative, culturally and linguistically relevant manner. In over 45 years of operation PRONIA has focused on the direct provision of services to the aged, their families and carers, volunteer involvement, and the provision of family and community services to build community capacity. Services for the aged include home and centre based socialization/respite, volunteer home visiting, and health support group programs. Counselling and case work support individuals and families to address distinct needs such as Family Violence and Elder Abuse, Mental Health, Access to Services, Parenting, separation, support for newly arrived migrants, and other services. Community education and primary prevention about social and health issues is a key feature of PRONIA's work including LGBTIQ Inclusive Practice, Cultural Awareness, Gambling, Health, Wellbeing, and Rehabilitation groups.


Family and Relationship Services

Adult Specialist Support Services

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