Michael Hawton

Michael Hawton is a registered psychologist, trained teacher, author, international speaker, media commentator and father of two. Michael is one of Australia’s foremost experts in managing children’s difficult behaviour. He has 28 years’ experience working with children and families including in his private practice, working with the United Nations in Seychelles, and he has also prepared more than 1,000 child welfare reports for the Family Court.

Michael’s training program, 1-2-3 Magic® and Emotion Coaching, has been delivered to over 6,500 professionals and 100,000 parents across Australia, NZ, UK and the United States since 2006.  He also developed Engaging Adolescents™ for parents and Tough Conversations™ for school leaders. He is the author of parenting book, Talk Less Listen More, which has also been produced as an e-course and his book Engaging Adolescents™ will be published by Exisle in early 2017.