Using evidence to paint a picture: Finding opportunities for learning, growth and sharing the success of child and family services


Child and Family Evidence team
Australian Institute of Family Studies
Monday 13 May 2024

Time: 9:30am – 5:00pm


Pre-Conference Workshop

Using evidence to paint a picture: Finding opportunities for learning, growth and sharing the success of child and family services

This full day workshop will focus on building skills that will help services to identify, assess, interrogate and draw meaning from ‘evidence’ as it relates to the delivery of services and programs. While there are many forms of evidence, in this workshop we will focus on the skills needed to effectively harness external research evidence that is relevant to family and relationship services as well as the data and information that organisations collect about their own programs and services.

In this workshop, participants will learn how to:

  • Harness the power of the established body of research evidence, including how to find, appraise and use research evidence for program and service design or re-design.
  • Best use of the information collected in their services and programs and how to interrogate and draw meaning from that data to highlight program strengths and identify opportunities for learning, improvement and growth.
  • Integrate relevant research evidence and program/client data to paint a detailed picture of a program or service’s value and opportunities for improvement.

The workshop will be interactive and will involve practical elements and discussion.

Why should you attend?

The service delivery environment calls on services to invest time and resources to innovate, explore new ideas and demonstrate they are delivering real benefits to the children and families they serve. Drawing on both existing research evidence and current service information can create powerful opportunities to:

  • better understand and showcase a program’s strengths
  • support the design or re-design of services and programs
  • promote learning and lead to opportunities for service or program growth.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop will be particularly useful for people who have some oversight of family and relationship services or programs. Their role may require them to create, deliver, adapt or refine programs or services. They may also need to describe the value of their program and service to seek funding and support, or they may need to assess the value of activities that they fund. For example, this workshop may be of interest to team leaders, senior practitioners, clinical supervisors and program managers in child and family services.

Who is this not for?

This workshop is not designed for those who have a lot of research and evaluation experience.