Communities for Children Facilitating Partner Gathering

Communities for Children
Facilitating Partner Gathering

Family & Relationship Services Australia would like to invite you to attend a gathering of Communities for Children Facilitating Partner organisations, as an opportunity to network and share information, resources, knowledge, skills and experiences.

The community of practice will provide an opportunity to come together to meet, share and learn about best practice and evidence-based approaches, under the expert guidance of experienced facilitator Karen Russell.

Join fellow CfC FPs to:

  • discuss CfC FP as a place based model;
  • discuss what works well, what doesn’t, and how do we know this; and
  • discuss common issues and challenges, as well as to showcase innovation and local initiatives in the delivery of the CfC FP activity.

The Department of Social Services is supporting the event practically and materially (venue, catering and facilitation) and as such there will be no cost to attend the event itself (no ticket price).  Travel and/or accommodation costs will need to be met by the service organisations themselves.

Who needs to be there?

CfC FP Senior Leaders AND Managers from current CfC FP providers (limit of 2 per site)

Date: Friday, 22 March 2019

Time:  10am – 4:30pm

Location: Department of Social Services,

71 Athllon Dr, Greenway

Canberra ACT 2900

Please direct any inquiries to the Executive Director of FRSA, Jackie Brady –; 02 6162 1811

Thank you for your interest, registration for this event has now closed

Department of Social Services

71 Athllon Dr, Greenway
Canberra ACT 2900
This event is hosted by Family & Relationship Services Australia and the Department of Social Services