FRSA National Conference 2016

Conference presentation materials

The FRSA Conference provided a fantastic opportunity for delegates to hear from an incredible line up of international and national keynote speakers. The concurrent session program was filled with a range of outcomes measurement presentations drawn together specifically for the benefit of the family and relationship services sector.

The following speakers have given permission to share their presentations from the 2016 FRSA National Conference.

Keynote Address 1
Senator the Hon. Zed Seselja, Assistant Minister for Social Services

Keynote Address 2 – A learning system for improving family and community outcomes
Dr Moira Inkelas, Centre for Healthier Children, Families and Communities, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Panel Session 1 What is ‘good enough’ evidence?
Professor Ross Homel AO, Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Griffith University
Professor John Lynch, Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health
Elly Robinson, Executive Manager, Practice Evidence and Engagement, Australian Institute of Family Studies

Concsious or unconcious barriers to success
Linda Savage, Valuing Children Initiative

Supported playgroups for children from birth to five years: What is the current evidence for outcomes contributing to school readiness?
Anastasia Pourliakas, Parenting Research Centre, Benevolent Society

When hate takes hold after parental separation: Reflections from research and practice
Associate Professor Bruce Smyth, Australian National University
Timothy Broady, Relationships Australia NSW
Dr Rebecca Gray, Relationships Australia NSW

Discussant: Lawrie Moloney, La Trobe University

The First 1000 Days Australia: An Indigenous-led initiaitve measuring program impact, family health and wellbeing
Dr Rebecca Ritte, University of Melbourne

First 1000 Days – Early intervention to support vulnerable families and their children
Pauline Dixon, Wanslea

Students talking about relationships
David Cooke, FMC Mediation and Counselling

‘Male Models’: Strengthening relationships through becoming a positive role model
Trudy McNamara, CatholicCare Wollongong
Justine Hodgson, CatholicCare Wollongong
Tanya Bloxsome, Oolong Aboriginal Corporation

A multi-agency response to supporting families with young children experiencing vulnerability: the Volunteer Family Connect home visiting program
Rachel Bell, Maquarie University
Savoy Martenstyn, Benevolent Society

Including the direct experience of children and young people with disability as a measure of success
Winnie Bridie, Children and Young People with Disability

Little Sunbeams – a trauma and attachment focussed supported playgroup for families who have experienced family violence
Pauline Sinn, EACH

Using a monitoring and evaluation framework to ensure the right services are delivered to drought impacted families and communities
Dr Sue Rice, CentacareCQ
Dr Ricki Jeffery, CentacareCQ

The family safety model: A whole of family approach to family violence services – an option for family law services reform
Emily McDonald, Relationships Australia Victoria
Dr Andrew Bickerdike, Relationships Australia Victoria

Parents not partners – Evaluation of a program of challenge, learning and reflection for separated parents
Robyn Parker, Interrelate
Lorraine Thoms, Interrelate

Representing Indigenous people in family law mediation – A Western Australia perspective
Neil Anderson, Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia

All aboard – getting buy-in at every level for effective evaluation
Helen Rimington, drummond street services

Measuring wellbeing: Towards recognition of family services as an early intervention family violence service provider
Leanne Kelly, Windermere

Parents moving beyond breakup to receive help through a vicarious peer-group therapeutic experience
Dr Desmond Perry, Parents beyond Breakup

Sharing an understanding of family and kinship within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Families
Benny Hodges, Benny Hodges Consultancy

Measuring outcomes in domestic violence programs at Relationships Australia NSW
Dr Rebecca Gray, Relationships Australia NSW

Family violence is everybody’s business
Julie French, Centacare Geraldton
Linda Millington, Centacare Geraldton

From Research to Practice: Achieving a professional development framework and harnessing the cumulative evidence for effectiveness in child inclusive family dispute resolution at FRC Logan QLD
Norma Williams, Family Relationship Centre

Keynote Address 3 – How do we strengthen prevention and early intervention within Australian family and relationship services?
Professor John Toumbourou, Chair in Health Psychology, Deakin University

Keynote Address 4 – 10 myths in preventing sound evaluation of outcomes
Dr Anna Huber, Families in Mind Psychology

Panel Session 2 – How best to take a prevention and early intervention approach to delivering family and relationship services to improve the wellbeing of children and families
Professor Dennis Mcdermott, Poche Chair in Indigenous Health and Wellbeing, Flinders University
Professor John Toumbourou, Chair in Health Psychology, Deakin University
Professor Rachael Field, Professor of Law, Bond University

Our journey to better outcomes: Developing an outcomes measurement framework
Christine Forbes, Mallee Family Care
Lesley Cordoma, Mallee Family Care

Relationship Review and Renew
Alicia McCoy, Family Life

An update on supporting child and family services ti imrpove evidence-based practice: The Expert Panel Project
Elly Robinson, Australian Institute of Family Studies

Learnings from the past and the present to make families strong in the NT
Mal Galbraith, Families and Schools Together (FAST)
Duwalatji Susan Garrawurra, Families and Schools Together (FAST)
Muthathani Jessica Wunungmurra, Families and Schools Together (FAST)

Translating evidence into action: ReachOut Parents supports young people in their family environment through an online service model
Sophie Potter, ReachOut Australia

Listening to children’s voices: Measuring outcomes in children’s contact services
Lauren Kadwell, CatholicCare Sydney
Natalie Crake, CatholicCare Sydney

From good intentions to great outcomes: creating and implementing an organisational practice framework and outcomes measurement tools
Karen Verrier, Benevolent Society
Brian O’Neill, Benevolent Society

Importance of family engagement: an evaluation of an early intervention youth homelessness service in South Australia
Natalie Greenland, Uniting Communities
Cheryl Hillier, Uniting Communities

Engaging separated parents in online parenting courses
Michael Hawton, Parentshop

Building the evidence base through transforming practitioners into researches
Cathie Valentine, Anglicare Victoria

Briding cultural perspectives
Isabelle Collins, SUPERU, New Zealand
Sarah Clark, SUPERU, New Zealand

Planning and implementing evidence-based programs and practice in family services in rural and regional NSW
Graeme Stuart, Family Action Centre, University of Newcastle
Dr Deborah Hartman, Family Action Centre, University of Newcastle
Dorothee Crawley, CentaCare Wilcannia-Forbes

Good practice in measuring the success of couple counselling effectiveness: How can evidence-based assessments lead to better relationships?
Dr Jemima Petch, Relationships Australia Queensland

Good practice approaches to preventing separated-instigated violence by newly separated men
Simon Santosha, Men & Family Counselling and Consultancy

Wellness and being in the age of longevity
Simon Curran, Relationships Australia Victoria

Dangers and pitfalls of not addressing what we knew would happen for infants in their first 1000 days: Implications of research findings for measuring success of interventions for vulnerable people
Dr Nicole Milburn, Berry Street

Cohabiting and married parents who separate: Does this distinction have any relevance for service providers?
Lixia Qu, Australian Institute of Family Studies

What is best practice when working with mandated clients?
Jacqui Leonard, Nowra Family Relationship Centre

Raising awareness in Victoria’s culturally diverse communities: collaborative approach to education and support in the Greek community
Tina Douvos-Stathopoulos, PRONIA

Plenary Address – Insights from the Australian Government Department of Social Services, Families Group
Dr Ros Baxter, Families – Group Manager, Department of Social Services

How will we know success? The National Framework for Protecting Australia’s Children 2009-2020 – future directions and outcomes measurement
Dr Brian Babington, Families Australia

Early Matters: Aligning curriculum and service design, an evaluation
Emily McDonald, Relationships Australia Victoria

Family capacity building: a new family violence program supporting the best interests and wellbeing of children
Pauline Sinn, EACH

Seniors conflict resolution service – preventing elder abuse
Jennifer Dickson, FMC Mediation and Counselling Victoria
Samantha Kolasa, FMC Mediation and Counselling Victoria

Beyond the rhetoric: Measures of success for implementation of public healthy strategies for a healthy start to the first 1000 days
Associate Professor Daryl Higgins, Australian Institute of Family Studies

‘It gives you sense of empowerment’: the power and importance of coproduction in service delivery practice
Chantelle Higgs, drummond street services
Erik Ly, drummond street services
Idil Ali, drummond street services

‘Be careful with those assumptions’: open conversations and appropriate service delivery in meeting the needs of FDR culturally diverse families
Tudor Rose, Relationships Australia

Relationships Australia elder relationship services trial
Paula Mance, Relationships Australia

Adopting an improvement approach
Associate Professor Moira Inkelas, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Sue West, Murdoch’s Children’s Research Institute

Measuring outcomes and intercultural consultation – when outcomes should not be measured by numbers
Angharad Candlin, CatholicCare Sydney

Domestic and family violence and parenting: Insights from recent Australian research
Briony Horsfall, Australian Institute of Family Studies

iHeal – Recovery orientated service design and delivery
Karen Field, drummond street services

Keynote Address 5 – What is the ‘investment’ in the New Zealand social investment model?
Len Cook, Families Commissioner at SUPERU, New Zealand

Keynote Address 6 – The Government’s rationale and model for rolling out the ‘investment model’ approach in Australia Dr Tim Reddel, Policy Office Group Manager, Department of Social Services

Keynote & Invited Speakers

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