About Us

As the national peak body for family and relationship services, Family and Relationship Services Australia (FRSA) is committed to strong policy engagement.

We have a critical leadership role in representing over 180 FRSA Member organisations and supporting the needs and interests of this strong, diverse and adaptable membership and the children, families and communities they serve. These Member organisations provide family and community services to approximately 400,000 clients from 1,300 outlets across Australia each year amidst an ever-changing fiscal and social landscape.

FRSA was established in July 2007 following the decision to a single representative structure. It was identified that the Australian community would benefit from a single, national peak body that would support organisations that provide family and relationship services. Please read more about our history.

From our establishment in 2007 to today, we have been an active and effective conduit for information flow between our Members (and other stakeholders) and the Australian Government.

Our Vision


Our underpinning principles

FRSA is committed to:

  • contributing to government policy in areas of interest to the portfolio;
  • acting as an effective conduit for information flow between government and stakeholders FRSA represent;
  • providing input into Australian Government reviews, inquiries and consultative processes;
  • providing social policy and research papers to DSS;
  • supporting the sector to respond to emerging issues and trends; and
  • influencing public debate and discussion.

Our approach

We support our sector by:

  • facilitating collaboration with relevant stakeholders to build and analyse the knowledge/evidence base;
  • engaging in specific quality activities to support the sector by providing information and advice to relevant stakeholders;
  • providing an accurate, innovative and timely evidence base, with the overall aim of improving outcomes for clients;
  • undertaking and analyse research that informs social policy; and
  • facilitating, where required, the provision of appropriate information and developmental, educational and/or training opportunities for the sector.

For more about what we do and how we do it, please see our Strategic Plan 2018-21.

Our Members

Our Members organisations deliver the following family and relationship services:

Family Law services
  • Family Relationship Centres
  • Children’s Contact Services
  • Supporting Children after Separation Program
  • Parenting Orders Program
  • Family Dispute Resolution
  • Regional Family Dispute Resolution
  • Family Relationship Advice Line
  • Family Law Counselling (under FARS)
Children and Parenting services
  • Children and Parenting Support
  • Intensive Family Support Services
  • Child Support Advocacy
Adult Specialist Support services
  • Find and Connect Support Services
  • Royal Commission community based support services
  • Forced Adoption Services
  • Intercountry Adoption Services

Our member organisations also deliver numerous other services, including:

  • Post-Separation Parenting Programs
  • Family Relationship Counselling
  • Family and Domestic Violence Services
  • Men’s Services
  • Youth Services
  • Aged Services
  • Drug and Alcohol Services
  • Mental Health Services

To learn more about our Members and the services they offer, please visit our Members Directory.

To view more FRSA Publications, including earlier Annual Reports and Our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), please click here to visit the FRSA Publications page.