Bringing the sector back together at the FRSA Conference

I wish I could have bottled up all the positive energy and network connectedness that was experienced at the FRSA National Conference held in Adelaide last week. After so many years of being unable to meet together, it was wonderful to be back! Engaging, listening, learning, sharing, crying and laughing. The FRSA Conference had it all. We don’t want to reserve all that goodness only for the 500 people in attendance – we want to be able to share it. Find out more detailed information about the Conference. In addition, we do work with all our presenters to obtain their permission to share slides with you – we are working hard on those and will populate that content on our website over the coming week.

Two FRSA publications launched at the Conference – the FRSA Conference 2022 e-Journal and the report, The use of Telepractice in Family and Relationship Services: A Focus Group Exploration, launched by FRSA’s very own Manager of Policy and Research, Dr Robyn Clough, in her joint presentation with AIFS.

The Conference moved to National Families Week this year and it is great to be able to make our own contribution to this important event in the annual calendar.  The week is an initiative of Families Australia and is held to celebrate the vital role that families play in Australian society. We look forward to continuing to mark this week as the FRSA National Conference week in the years ahead – starting with 15-18 May 2023 – be sure to save that date in your diary! You can also see some of the member’s local events in the member news section of the eBulletin.

Even though it was a busy week – I was not one of the million plus Australians who pre-polled my vote in the Federal Election. Personally, I thoroughly enjoy the experience of the Democracy Sausage purchase that is steeped in my memory and recollections of Election Day. The queue is totally worth it! And I love being able to chat to the people in my local area and neighbourhood about what their hopes and aspirations of a future Australia looks like. Yes! This is an additional benefit of a long line!

Whilst we are not entirely sure what the newly formed Government will look like, we do know that the Australian voting populace has spoken, and we have a new Prime Minister in the Hon. Anthony Albanese – head of the Australian Labor Party. The Australian Labor Party will take the lead in the 47th Parliament of Australia – whether by majority in the lower house is yet to be determined.

FRSA is, and always has been, prepared to work with all people in leadership, regardless of affiliation, to ensure that we are doing our best for children, women, men, families and communities in Australia. This is a pursuit that never seems to end, and we look forward to working with Prime Minister Albanese, his Ministry, his party and all Federal MPs and Senators to bring about positive change.

Yesterday was National Sorry Day. In his victory speech on Saturday night, Prime Minister Albanese did begin with an Acknowledgement of Country and on behalf of the Australian Labor Party committed to the Uluru Statement from the Heart in full. I am looking forward to seeing the words given life.

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