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Better Place Australia

Organisation description/overview

Better Place Australia is a not for profit agency in Australia that has been providing family dispute resolution support, relationship support, psychological services and financial counselling for over thirty years.

During this time, Better Place Australia have evolved into one of the most successful providers of relationship services in Victoria. The organisation  supports over 9000 Victorians every year, many of whom are experiencing family, relationship, financial issues and other related challenges.

Better Place Australia enjoys a strong relationship with organisations in the community, the not-for-profit sector and maintains excellent Government ties.  Family and relationship services provided range from alternate dispute resolution and counselling services to support and conflict resolution services for older people, and includes a suite of school and parent group programs offering in-school programs from professional development for staff to individual psychological services for students.

Family Law Services

Family Dispute Resolution, Family Law Counselling (Under FARS), Family Relationship Centres, Regional Family Dispute Resolution, Supporting Children After Separation Program

General Services

Children And Parenting, Family And Relationship Services, Kids In Focus, Young People